We have changed to Aspiring Performance Triathlon Club…

We are proud to say that Stoke Mandeville Triathlon Club has developed and grown over the last 3 years since the first cold, wet session at Stoke Mandeville Stadium in 2014. We have introduced new athletes to the world of triathlon and seen our members develop into competitive athletes.

To aid further development of the club we have re-branded and changed the name to Aspiring Performance Triathlon Club (this will come under the brand of Aspiring Performance: Endurance Coaching).

Alongside the triathlon club, I have run Aspiring Performance Ltd, offering bespoke coaching programmes and performance testing for endurance athletes. The change in name is to help bring all the services offered by Aspiring Performance Ltd under one banner.

The fundamentals of our triathlon club will not be changing; we look forward to offering continuing support and quality coaching to triathletes in the Aylesbury area, as well as introducing some exciting developments over the coming months including developing junior triathlon in the area.

I would like to thank our fantastic members for their support during this period of change. If you would like more information then please visit our new website www.aspiringperformance.com.

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